County Championship Games
Congratulations to all teams!

Results are: 
Class I: Medina Swarm 13 - Wellington Advantage Construction 12 
Class HH: Amherst Panthers 10 - N. Ridgeville Rangers 9 
Class H: Buckeye Halleen Kia 7 - Grafton Gladiators 6
Class GG: Keystone Houston defeated Medina Swarm (no score available)
Class G: S.A. Firelands defeated Buckeye GPM (no score available)
Class F: Columbia Morgan Trucking 6 - S.A. Firelands Metzger 5
Class FF: Medina Rangers vs. S.A. Firelands Mullins - (no score reported yet)
Class EE: Vermilion 4 - Midview Cavanaugh Electric 3 
Class E: S.A. Buckeye 3 - Firelands 2

State Of Ohio Concussion Return-To Play Law

All OHSBL managers, coaches and umpires must comply with this law that goes into effect April 26, 2013!!

Use this site to get your free certification. NHFS Free Concussion Course

  • Click on the button that says, please login to order. In the window that appears , click to register.
  • When your registration is complete you may "order" the free concussion course offered along the left hand side of the page. Continue following prompts. Although it may look like you'll be charged for the course, there is no cost.
  • Once you've completed "checkout," you'll be able to take the free online course and print a compliance certificate.

If you want additional information on this law go to Healthy Ohio :: Concussion in Youth Sports: Ohio's Return-to-Play Law

It is the responsibility of each community within our charter to keep track of their coaches, managers and umpires that they have taken the course and that they do the refresher training as needed.   Please designate a person within your organization to handle this function.   Your community may be asked to provide proof of compliance (update added 2/27/14)

Baseball Tournaments

Background Check Information

Click on "Start your Background Screening Now" on the lower left side of the webpage.

Complete three easy steps:

Step 1: Enter Self Registration Number: 12147239 for all Lorain County including Medina
Step 2: Enter Your Information as requested
Step 3: Provide Legal Authorization and Certification
4/30/14 - If a coach/manager has not gotten a current background check done, they are NOT ELIGIBLE to work with the team until they are approved through NCSI.  Communities; please make sure you are in compliance with this requirement of OHSBL!

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